Nightfall Series

The Nightfall Series

Humanity has mastered faster-than-light travel and uses it to colonize the galaxy. Major galactic nations have formed, roughly mirroring Earth’s current geopolitical makeup. Among these are the United Federation, a capitalistic and highly-militarized nation; the Initiative, a relatively young, idealistic, and unconventional society of worlds; and the Central Collective, an authoritarian nation with a hierarchical society.

From the Dark Book I: From the Dark (June 2017)

The first of the series introduces the galaxy and shows the Federation and the Initiative sliding into war. The two nations have a long history, the latter being made up of seceded worlds from the former.

In the midst of impending war, the origins of a shared spacecraft control technology, the Whisper, come to light, exposing secrets behind the workings of the two nations and more.

The main characters are Gerrard, an ex-Navy Lieutenant with a haunted past; Inca, a super soldier possessing a gift with the Whisper technology; and Undersecretary of Defense Strontium.


Book II: Into the Light (TBA)

The second book of the series will deal with the shocking discovery of an artifact with galaxy-wide consequences. Join some of your favorite characters from Book I as they journey into the heart of the hitherto-unseen Collective…

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