Resuming transmission

Futuristic cargo spaceship in cosmic scene 3D rendering

Well well well!

Happy new year, and my apologies for the long absence. An explanation follows:

  1. I decided to take the advice of some book gurus and hunker down to finish Book II (working title Into the Light). Consequently, I’m happy to announce the first draft has been completed!
    I’ll be moving into the second draft now, which will consist of rewriting for quality, checking for plot consistency, and general retooling to make sure everything’s the best I can get it to be. There’s still a lot of work to come, but the story has been laid down.
  2. Lots of things happened in the real life, including a move and certain other things taking place. No excuse, of course! This business requires discipline and rigor.

And I’ll have to start looking ahead to the book launch phase, which as I’ve complained about before, includes planning months ahead for the various parts of the marketing behemoth to all come together! Yes, this is indeed a true new age, where the author takes on these responsibilities, but comes around to own all parts of the process.

Quickfire questions!

Is the second book wildly different from the first?

Yes, sort of! I’ve decided on the route of actively not attempting to reproduce the first book! The writing style will be similar (hopefully incrementally improved!) but the story expands to take us into the Collective and beyond…

Are the main characters back?

Some notable omissions! But the bulk of the characters continue their stories to take us deeper into the plot first unveiled… *suspense*

Why ask questions of yourself if you’re just going to be vague?

Yes, yes! No further details can be given without giving the story away.

I will say that the improved writing speed is encouraging. It hopefully means the third book will come out in an even shorter time than the second one!

Well, you know what they say: the first trilogy makes the sci-fi/fantasy writer. Just kidding, nobody says that. I just said it. I certainly do think it though.

Take heart, friends! We will soon be resuming our adventure… !

Image: Licensed from Adobe Stock / fredmantel.

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