They never told me!

Oh boy.

They never told me it was going to be this crazy.

Writing the book, getting it ready for publication, putting it up, getting some preliminary marketing done, making sure the t’s are dotted and the i’s crossed…

They never told me it’d be the most stressful period of my life.

And of course there will still be typos. And sentences that could be better. And stuff that could be better.

But hopefully you’re here because you liked it well enough. 🙂

This blog

I’d like to use this blog to write to my readers about a few things:

  1. Updates on progress on the next book.
  2. Reflections on writing + comments on books I’m reading
  3. Interesting spaceship-related stuff across all mediums

Mostly, I’d really like to have a channel to interact with you, my readers! Discussions about anything would just be lovely. Please feel free to comment on any of the posts, or write to me directly at

In the meantime, if you liked the book well enough, please do tell a friend, or leave a review if you haven’t already. It will all really help. Thank you so much, and stay tuned to this blog for more to come.

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